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Today, you have to constantly keep moving just to stand still. In the ever changing and evolving technology world, businesses face a constant challenge to keep up with technology and remain safe from threats to cyber security. That’s where we come in.


Systems Management Hosting Connectivity Telephony Security

System and Networking Security

System and Network Security to defend your data, protect your customers and safeguard your business.

Protect your business and assets from start to end with our complete range of Security solutions and services.

IT Management

Custom designed technological solutions supporting and driving your business safely into the future.

Allow us to take away the stress and time of managing your complex information systems. Our dedicated SaaS (support as a service) is the perfect out sourced companion to solve this task.

Internet Hosting

Utilise the latest on-line cloud services to modernise and enhance the way your business works.

Enable your business to be safer and do more with our premium cloud hosting services.


Upgrade your organisation with an enterprise class internet connection to keep you always connected.

Upgrade and enable your business with a high-speed connection from our reliable business broadband range.

VoIP Telephony

Harnessing the power of VoIP calls reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer experience.

By combining the best of traditional telephony with Internet technology, take your business further, save time and money with our enterprise class VoIP Phone Services.

Why Essential?

We are a unique company at the cutting edge of the technology sphere, offering a specialised and confidential service for all your business technology requirements.

Since 2006 we have been supporting our customers through a decade of evolving technology and Cyber threats. Due to our innovative and creative approach to these challenges our customers have enjoyed a 100% defence ratio and 99% business continuity, leading to our rapid growth and expanding business reputation.

We provide reliable business solutions, which facilitate your requirements without compromise, to adapt and evolve to meet these new challenges.

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